Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sync Floyd & CeeLo Green (@CeeLoGreen) - "Beautifool" (Video)

This is not just a simple Music Video, but a full-blown, one-of-its-kind art project • Hand-made visuals, using different techniques from painting to photography and retrostyle animation create a very unique impression and atmosphere • Art Direction by Tina Ovalle, a Colombia-born, inimitable Graphic Designer, Animationand Tattoo-Artist who worked for TV-Channels, major global brands, and different other music projects in the past • Visuals curated and mastered in collaboration with University of Lucerne (Switzerland), one of the world’s top spots for Film, Art and Animation • Visuals will be released as Music Video – and as Short Film at the same time, dubbed with sounds and effects just like any classic Cartoon would be • The Short Film will be presented at several prestigious Short Film- and Art-Festivals throughout Europe in Summer/Autumn 2022 • Paintings and scenes from the video will be shown at an exhibition in Switzerland in June 2022 • Single paintings and pictures from the video will be available as NFTs for fans and collectors, creating a separate revenue stream for both band/producer and vocal artist

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