Wednesday, June 1, 2022

CasoBaby (@CasoBaby1) - "Fake Lovee"

Music Artist CasoBaby Drops New Single “Fake Lovee” CasoBaby drops a new single named “Fake Lovee”. This is his first single that is released on Spotify. According to CasoBaby, “Fake Lovee” is based on you having fake people around you and them giving you fake love, but at the end of the day, you know where your loyalty stands, and you know whose love is fake and you know whose love is real because you feel it and they show it”. The name Casobaby was given to him because it was inspired by Picasso because he can paint a picture with his music. This genuine artist is not like the others. He brings his music to life with lyrics that speak about his experiences and what he is passionate about. CasoBaby realized his passion for making music from a young age. When he was a child, his cousin was making a beat on the table with pencils. He liked the sound they were making, and he started rapping to their beat. They told him how good it was and that was when he realized he wanted to create something out of it, so he started doing talent shows and competitions. When he lived in San Antonio, he started to perfect the art. When the musician is not making music, he works on making the most out of his time by spending it with his family and trying to help others. One of his favorite ways to make people feel good is by making them laugh. He paints the picture of real love with his everyday actions in real life. Even though he has been on the receiving end of fake love, he knows that it comes with the price of success in his career. He does not let it get to him, he rises above it and continues to keep going in the right direction with his life. Before he released “Fake Lovee” the indie artist was also featured in a song with Eurogotit (King Gotit) called “Foreign Money” in June of 2021. You can check out CasoBaby’s new single “Fake Lovee” on all digital platforms. Don’t forget to connect with him on your favorite social media platform.

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