Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Drillz Millz (@DrillzMillz) - "Some Type Of Way" (Album)

Chicago Legend Drillz Millz drops his latest project, "Some Type of Way" Drillz Millz is an American trap artist/producer/songwriter from the Southside of Chicago. As a producer, he fuses sounds and beats that can only be categorized as "Hypnotic Illinoize"- an homage to his home state. As a songwriter, he serves his fans a "Chi" dose of reality and what his life consists of regularly. As an artist, he fearlessly delivers raw verses off the dome. Drillz Millz attracts attention for his insane bars on guest album appearances featuring his labelmates. The magic began when Drillz experimented with mixing trap beats and electronic rock sounds while he focused on producing music that made more sense to him as an artist. His unique approach to Hip-hop quickly led him to a reunion with rapper/producer Loot G, who invited him to be a part of 'Outstanding Members' for production/rap collaborations. The two instantly had chemistry, and the rest is history. This time, the Chicago legend's latest compilation is "Some Type of Way." The 7-track album is inspired and dedicated to his Brother, Demetrius Framer, better known as "Meat Dogg." The tracks "Fake Love, Steady Bussin, and 4 Corner Kitchen" have collectively amassed over 265,374 streams on Spotify. Be sure to connect with Drillz Millz on social media and digital music platforms.

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