Friday, May 14, 2021

Cathal O' Reilly - "Potential"

Hailing from Tipperary, Ireland, prominent writer and published poet Cathal O’ Reilly is making his music debut working alongside some of Ireland's most prominent and accomplished producers.
The seven track album, ‘Potential’, was written and pre recorded in Cathal’s home in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. 'Posting' was then recorded in a studio in Castlegregory outside the picturesque surroundings of Dingle, County Kerry.
The track ‘Posting’, explores how we view and interact with social media. Delving into the social media influencer mindset and its effect on society. 'Be The Best’, hopes to inspire people who have lost their way in their journey through life. It candidly describes the struggles faced by those suffering with mental health, but shines a light on the sense of empowerment that one experiences once they realise they can take ownership of their future and achieve their goals.
The album has themes of mental health, social media, relationships, and the political landscape.
Taking inspiration from Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z and A Tribe Called Quest, Cathal has set his sights on performing live once permitted and expanding on his growing body of work. He hopes the tracks ‘resonate with people and hopefully provoke thought and open up conversations that he thinks need to be had.’
‘Potential’ will be released on May 14th, 2021 across all streaming platforms. It is now available on soundcloud at


Instagram @cathaloreillycreative

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