Wednesday, March 10, 2021

JNA (@jonnynaaron) - "#1"

JNA, The Dynamic Duo raised in Harlem, NY, entered into the world as identical twins destined with humble roots and a push to foster creativity. Affectionately known as Jonathan and Aaron, they are both immensely talented by learning how to play multiple instruments, which works hand in hand with their musical abilities. While both have their own unique skill set, their blended voices blossom into a melodic harmonization that touches the audience with their music and leaves impressions everywhere they go with their charm. Their true definition of twinning is genuinely undeniable, and their unstoppable drive will reach the ears and capture the hearts of every listener. As the years matured, Aaron and Jonathan Dilakian struggled to prioritize many talents they were born with. While music is their main passion and comes before all else, Basketball presented the opportunity to expand their horizons as a hobby across the street from a prominent Harlem area where they resided growing up. In their teens, they landed placements in spreads like Vogue magazine and Diesel campaigns worldwide. Although modeling paid the bills, it did not bring passion to them. They were more significant than the attractive face and a mannequin figure. When COVID spread like wildfire, Aaron and Jonathan decided to invest in music equipment to enhance their good vocals. Their level of dedication and transparency had remained an integral part of their foundation as musicians to where it caught JO Records' attention! They flew to California to work with well-known producers. They landed a contract with JO Records with faith and determination, which embraces their true calling, providing them with significant opportunities to develop as a creative and move to the next level within their artistry.

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