Saturday, December 5, 2020

P.U.G. (@PugSouljah) - "Time To Celebrate"

Born and raised in Georgetown Guyana, Olson Van Rossum also known under his musical alias of ‘PUG’ has been fixated by the concept of music since he was young. Now living in New York, Olson is focused on pursuing his dream and creating music that instils happiness, and inspiration. “I live in New York because it's a place for many opportunities and people can reach their highest potential.” – ‘PUG’ ‘PUG’ claims that living in Guyana and New York has enabled him to get a firmer understanding of life, and the varying differences that both locations offer. Using these experiences, ‘PUG” has been able to use the two location as inspiration for his music, and incorporate the popular and local sounds explored and utilised in both areas. Growing up ‘PUG’ also found his passion for music at a young age, navigating his passion through both piano and writing – two areas which would remain constant throughout his life. As COVID-19 hit the music industry, causing hundreds of thousands of creatives to lose their jobs and gigs, many people were forced to resign from their music journey. However, Olson Van Rossum did something completely different – he started his music journey, in the midst of a global pandemic. Not many people can say that – ever. As the start of a musician's career, the first song can either break or start the journey, before it’s even really begun. This is because the first reception received is so important for underground talent, especially those without any previous social media presence or discography. With ‘Time To Celebrate,’ ‘PUG’ did something completely different; he went for an original take on the hip-hop genre, with a fusion of pop and afro-beat. The originality found within the track sparks a positive conversation, and with a smooth, almost familiar undertone, ‘Time To Celebrate’ is easily a song to fit on your next playlist. With an uplifting and inspirational message integrated within the track, the song is a stark contrast to the events that the world is currently in – but that is exactly what we need currently. A song that reminds us to remain positive and hopeful for change, even whilst immersed within one of the worst global pandemic’s humanity has faced in centuries. The track also reminds us to celebrate the everyday achievements, and remember the good experiences.

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