Saturday, May 9, 2020

T.Savvy (@_t_savvy) - "Spent My Time"

"Spent My Time" was picked by Savvy's A&R. He said days after it was sent it to him, " gas in my car while I'm driving home. Uh!" He knew what it was. This song comes with just pure passion, soul, and love in every line. The melody tells a love story about Savvy & his relationship. As his wife is currently working full-time having time for one another doesn't come often, Savvy explains "The fact that it doesn't build tension us always working makes us just wanna be with each other even more." Savvy also adding in "The realist thing is that we just don't use our time the right way at all. We're growing and trying to better ourselves as we get there." Make sure to stream "Spent My Time" on all platforms now!

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