Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Owen River - Diamonds


Owen River is an Independent hip-hop recording artist and songwriter born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is most known for his melodic sound and lyrical content. Although Owen River is an Independent artist, he’s affiliated with TSO Music Group. 
 Owen River’s journey began when he started writing poetry in seventh grade and fell in love with writing. He continued to write, poetry, until ninth grade, when he made his first song with his friends. He discovered he had a gift with the flow mixed with the old soul word play from poetry. When he discovered he could complement the sound and words together and pursued his passion for music. 
 At the age of 17 Owen recorded a freestyle and posted it on Twitter, a song called Something for You. This track exploded and went viral, giving Owen River an opportunity to showcase his creative talents. Following the immediate exposure, Owen went on to drop a number of singles including his first song My Zone and Vision Clear. 
 Owen River reflects, everything he goes through, in life through his music starting from his struggles growing up and having to find his purpose and why at such an early age. With his mother absent and having responsibility of being an adult, still as a kid, he has used his Music as therapy and forces emotions into every song that he makes in those moments.

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