Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[New Music] Brownie- Who is he @itsbrowniebish

Lanesville, Indiana finds itself on the map with fresh and versatile rap artist Justin Brown aka Brownie. First single, “Who is He,” launched his solo career in December, 2018. Managed by DasherBoyLLC, he offers plenty of new music and is constantly creating. Dropping his EP mid-2019 that debutes his song, “Ok! OK!,” featuring rapper Dusty Leigh. Born in Indiana, he offers a new outlook to the rap game.

A self-taught musician that truly understands his craft from start to finish. Growing up he was influenced by classic rock artists, such as Pink Floyd and the Eagles. As his music taste evolved, he found himself immersed in the world of hip hop and rap at the young age of twelve.

What truly jump-started his musical sound was when life was flipped upside down. Music helped him find a way to cope and keep pushing foward. At just nineteen years old, he finds himself living lavish in Miami and pursuing his music goals as an independent artist under his self-owned label.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat: @itsbrowniebish

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