Sunday, December 23, 2018

[Single] Ty Muzik- Loaded Cash @Ty_Muzik

Some might know him as Droboi, but he now goes by Ty Muzik. Over the recent years he has overcome many life changes and wanted to reinvent himself. Released from prison in 2017, Ty hasn’t looked back since! It was then, Droboi became Ty Muzik. He wanted to show his growth. He wanted to live again and correct his wrongs and walk the path God placed him here to journey on! Ty Muzik has recorded so much new music and is ready to release it but he couldn’t help but feel like he had some unfinished business to handle first from 2014-2015! So his first single released is “Loaded Cash,” out NOW on all digital platforms!
Now with his business in order, he is set to kill the game! Ty created his own label, Proper Preparation Entertainment LLC, and has re-released his single Loaded Cash since he got locked up before it could really hit the airwaves! Video for Loaded Cash is scheduled to be released January 1, 2019! Ty has launched the Loaded Cash Reloaded Campaign to reintroduce himself to the industry not as Droboi, but as Ty Muzik! Stay tuned for all the amazing things God has in store for him as he begins to take over one city at a time!

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