Monday, November 12, 2018

Rizzoo Rizzoo - 4 Deep

New Release >> Rizzoo Rizzoo - 4 Deep

When it comes the infrastructure of the modern Houston sound, The Sauce Factory has played a pivotal part into the way the rest of the nation looks at Texas' emerging soundscape.
One of the X Factors in the collective that has been gaining steam is Rizzoo Rizzoo.
His exuberant and outlandish sense of confidence and swagger separates himself from the rest of the pack when it comes to artists in the South.
With hits such as "Off The Lot", "4 Deep" and "Wannabe", he's crafted an archive that speaks volume on his range of turn up music but also still having the ability to move a crowd with array of hits. Going at this rate, Rizzoo is poised to be one of Texas most unique stars on the verge of achieving national success.
4 Deep Screenshot
Rizzoo Rizzoo - 4 Deep artwork
CRDJS Breaks Records

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