Wednesday, July 25, 2018

[New Video] CiVIK- Let Go The Ghetto @CiviksMusic

Canada continues to churn out elite artists and Ontario's own CiVIK is the latest example of just how much talent is coming out of the provinces. "Let Go The Ghetto" is a unique blend of well-written raps mixed with a melodic delivery that makes it very digestible and light on the ears. The instrumental is reminiscent of 90's hip-hop and CiVIK's narrative is also very golden-era in the sense that the focus is storytelling and life experiences. "Let Go The Ghetto" is packaged with a music video that captures the vivid imagery and storytelling in CiVIK's lyrics. The visual uses everything from reenactments to animations to get the message across and CiVIKs creativity as a visual artist is on full display to go along with his exceptional ability as a recording artist. Check out "Let Go The Ghetto" below.

Twitter: @CiviksMusic

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