Wednesday, December 6, 2017

[Album] Dom- Hello World

For those who are avid fans of real hip hop showing its face in the new generation, Take some time to get to know New York’s own DOM. Born Dominique Travis Batchler in the Bronx, DOM is this generations newest renaissance man for sure. A small few have already witnessed his talents as he quietly released his self-produced instrumental tapes and collaborative mixtapes on band camp from 2011 to 2013 as DOM$ of A$TRO. He has since took some what of a hiatus from music and abruptly started traveling the world with his girlfriend making new connections in fashion and architecture.

This year after returning to the states, DOM took the stage at Broccoli City’s Smile Carnival in Washington DC to debut new material from his official debut project ‘Hello World.’ The 10 track project is a joy ride of different vibes and it tells the story of his voyage to find true happiness in what he loves doing. The debut is packed with production from himself and Toronto’s two super producers Wondagurl and Eestbound, as well as the only guest verse from Quentin Miller. Stream Hello World today on your favorite streaming service and follow DOM on Instagram (@travisvstheworld) to stay up date with his future releases.


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