Thursday, September 28, 2017

K Jr Kaze Is The Next To Blow From #PNG

When it comes to music, it all comes naturally for the PNG native, K Jr Kaze. His new single "The Fade" released on July 10th and has taken off since then.  It has been said that the rapper is the next big thing to make it from his country.  With over 21,000 listeners, things are looking bright for the rapper. He is living proof that dreams do come true. In early June, he ran across B&B Marketing/Management. Shortly after his discovery, he gradually started to build a personal and business relationship with the company. Occasional phone and Skype conversations put K Jr Kaze at ease. He never felt so confident in a firm. In July, he signed to the company for management and marketing and since then, things have skyrocketed. From being featured on major publications, to having prominent figures in the entertainment industry follow and recognize him for his craft, things continued to be in his favor. Since the release of his single, "The Fade" new found fans in the United States and other countries are now chanting lyrics from his single.
You will be able to hear K Jr Kaze on radio airwaves real soon. The song will be premiering on radio stations across the globe very very soon! Music video for "The Fade" is in the works and will be released sometime in 2018.

Hear the single "The Fade" on Spotify, iTunes or even YouTube!

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