Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Introducing: Memphis Rap Group, DMK

Who is DMK? What is the meaning behind the name? 

Wizz Dumb, Jimmy Codean, Webofthemachine, Trizz Money, Bugg, Datboysin, J-Mack DJ Suicide Slush. J'Royal Price, Trapp, and Trez Clay and the rest of the homies

How did you all form as a group? What’s the story behind it?

We all knew each other from just being around. We just linked up and started creating together and it never stopped.

New projects? What’s new for DMK this year?

Right now we have “The Last Kings” available everywhere, on all streaming platforms. We have projects from J’Royal Price, Wizzdumb,Datboysin, and DJ Suicide Slush coming this year. We’re also doing another DMK project soon.

What’s the best way to describe DMKs style of music?

Mars meets Memphis lol. Lyric driven, always deeper than the surface word wise. Creative cutting edge production. We are inspired by music as a whole so you're going to get a lot of different sounds.

How many members are apart of DMK?  9

Tell us about the new project that is out.

“The Last Kings” is just us showcasing some of what we have to offer, throwing our name in the ring. We're giving you raw art from our perspective. It's a capsule of where we were creatively at the moment. Life at the moment.

How many songs are on the project?
9 songs

Who all did you work with to create the project?

We kept everything in house. From the production to the writing to the art work. We don't really have to go outside of our unit for too much. We enjoy collaborating with others but for this project we intentionally kept everything us.

Musically, who are some mainstream artists that inspires you all?

We are inspired by everyone new and old. From the legends to the newer people trying to be legendary.

What’s in store for DMK in the new year?

​More releases, more awareness of the DMK brand. Creating and sharing more quality art!

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