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True Houston Appreciation: BIG MOE DAY Proclamated 10 Years After His Passing!

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 The city of Houston proclamates Kennth "Big Moe" Moore Day as August 20, 2017 and agrees to work hand in hand with the estate to promote music & art educational programs, volunteer efforts, and community beautification initiatives on behalf of the deceased.

 Kenneth "Big Moe" Moore is the father, founder, and first to sing edgy rap lyrics, with real melody behind. Does this mean Big Moe was the father of the Drake era? Lil Wayne's singing obsession?  Future era? Hmm. I'll let you think about it.
 If you ask Drake, Wayne, or Future what they think about Big Moe, all passionately admit to not only being super-fans, but  to being heavily influenced one way or another by deceased "Street Veteran" M-O-E! Kenneth "BIG MOE" Moore, perhaps the most recognized voice from Houstons supergroup "SUC" (Screwed Up Click), finally receives the recognition he deserves for impacting Popular music and culture. The SUC, made up of DJ Screw and about a dozen of his friends, was the most impactful group from 1990's Houston, and one the first groups to make songs specifically about Houston's unique culture. This culture has influenced many of the trends mentioned in this year's top urban records. The most popular (and top selling) artists, including Drake, Future, Travis Scott, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, even Justin Beiber have used a phrase or two from this SUC era. Whether they photographed the "double cup" on social media, flaunted a diamond grill at concerts, or outrighted mentioned DJ Screw/SUC in an interview, this current, easily-distracted pop generation has adopted the SUC's (especially Big Moe's) style and slang, permanently.

 Big Moe's giant heart, generosity, and passion lives through his music, and somebody remembered to thank him for it.This long-awaited honor seems right on time considering the estates new releases and new partnerships, but 10 years is way too long for a mother to wait for her child's legacy to be appreciated. Moore, born 8/20/74, died abruptly 10/14/07, right at the height of the SUC's fame, and a couple of years before Drake appeared on our airwaves.

 Big Moe was best known for singing on DJ Screw's "Screw Tapes" series, and for doing hooks on many of his peers' biggest hits. Drake's "November 18th " was an interpolation of the collaboration effort DJ Screw called "June 27", featuring Big Pokey & YoungStar with witty freestyles, and a whole lot of Big Moe. His voice was the main attraction of numerous world-wide listeners to the SUC and their slowed-down sound that would come to influence so much of our current music. Known as the "Barre Baby", he introduced the world to numerous cultural staples that shaped Houston's uniqueness, good and bad. The fact that he was singing about many of these ideas was a concept previously unexplored. It is not surprising that singing edgier lyrics has become the norm, today, because of the cross-over potential and female-fan attraction that melody opens the doors for, no matter the subject matter.

 Moe's death shocked the world in 2007, primarily because of the fact that many of his peers had passed abruptly years before (Fat Pat in 1998, DJ Screw in 2000, Hawk in 2006). Many fans felt that Big Moe was one of the last surviving members of the SUC, and his death crippled the possibility of success that these guys had worked so hard for. Because of the unexpected nature of his death, Kenneth Moore Estate has been fighting to get his affairs and assets in order, without much support. Now, 10 years later, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Not only have they partnered with the other estates of the fallen soldiers (DJ Screw, Big HAWK, & Fat Pat) to better monitor licensing, but have finally figured out the formula to efficiently manage an estate: OUTSOURCE. With the help of Ghetto Dreams Entertainment's CEO Meshah Hawkins, executor of Johnathan & Patrick Hawkins' (Big HAWK & Fat Pat's) estates, there are new measures to ensure assets aren't misappropriated, unlicensed material is challenged & corrected, and new opportunities are explored.

 Estate consultant Jay Ellis, of facilitating management company, Double Dose Entertainment, made the following statement regarding the future of the estate(s) and the Big Moe Day proclamation: "This entire effort, including strategy, partnerships, personnel, and proclamation was a result of our new student-born & student-brained Double Dose Internship Program and the collaborative ideas of the students, co-ordinators, and administrators involved. The City of Houston should thank that group. Momma Moe is proud!"

 Strategic partnerships to achieve these goals include The City of Houston, Radio One, Wreckshop Records, Texas Southern University, Harry Fox Agency, Rap Coalition, Ghetto Dreams Ent and SF2. With documentary, EP, and merchandising deals already closed, the future is looking brighter than ever for the Moore family. Keep up with all the details Follow @bigmoeday on IG.

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