Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quiz Zilla Releases Single “Still Have Faith”

PORTLAND, OREGON – Very few have experienced the trials and struggles Quiz Zilla has, and even fewer have come through the other side with as much tenacity. Born in the cloudy Pacific Northwest to a broken and unstable home, Quiz Zilla quickly learned the art of survival. From homeless shelters to foster care to a two-year prison sentence, Quiz Zilla had every reason to throw in the towel on his life. But his love for his little girl (who was born while Quiz Zilla was merely eighteen years old) and his gift for music were motivation enough to keep going, and slowly but surely Quiz Zilla is making a name for himself on and off stages across the nation. Music isn’t only a way out of a difficult situation for Zilla – quite the contrary – it was also a refuge for him when times felt dark and desperate. “Every time I picked up a pen,” he explains, “I felt like I was letting the stress and anxiety go.”
Zilla’s music is, in a word, versatile. While that word may seem overused, it’s the only way to describe his sound which is inspired by genres that span the spectrum – from Michael Jackson to DMX and Garth Brooks. As he puts it, “If it speaks to me, I’ll make the music.” Not one to succumb to labels, Quiz Zilla doesn’t even prefer to be labeled as a rapper -- he’s an artist, first. “I don’t like being placed in a box,” he explains. Listeners can expect a little bit of everything from Quiz Zilla.

His latest single, “Still Have Faith,” is a testament to his versatility. The song is about a relationship that has endured a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Break-ups and make-ups make for an aching protagonist, until he realizes that he still has one more try left in him. “It’s about struggling to set pride and ego aside and let the love shine.” The title of the song speaks for itself: “at the end of the day I ‘Still Have Faith.’”

Quiz Zilla’s determination for success is far from self-serving. “I grew up in the street, and I always had this empathy for people that were homeless or less fortunate.” With his impending success, Zilla’s hope is that he’ll be able to turn around and use his success for good, giving back to people who are sitting where he once was. “Ultimately, I know what’s going to help people like that, and it’s becoming a superstar.” And that’s exactly what this wildly talented, fiercely motivated Quiz Zilla is going to do.

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