Thursday, March 16, 2017

G*Smoke Teases Release Album SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT

HOUSTON, TX – At the age of only nineteen, Gunner (known to fans as G*Smoke) has had the weight of the world on his shoulders, moving to Illinois from Houston, TX as a young kid due to some family issues.  The talented artist has never let the weight of his family situation stop him from the hustle, though. G*Smoke has become one of the areas up-and-coming stars all while still going to school and running his own business – truly, a triple threat. Inspired by artists like Drake, G*Smoke has been a fan of the Canadian rap superstar since before he was taken seriously as a rapper (everyone remembers his Degrassi days). The young artist would peruse videos on YouTube, letting the inspiration seep in, and now that the rapper is as influential as he is today, its proof that G*Smoke has an eye for the right kind of music and has always been ahead of the game.

Now, G*Smoke has the confidence to set out on his own and make something of his gift of the gab. The artist recently released three songs, "Man Now", "Risk Zone", and "The Change Up," which fans can find on G*Smoke’s SoundCloud.  The songs are a teaser for the artist’s upcoming project, Sky is Not the Limit, which will feature new songs in addition to the three already released. The project is scheduled to be released later this year. "Some you can chill back with your friends and listen to, some when you're feeling like everyone is against ya, and of course some turn up music,” explains G*Smoke of his pending release. With something to offer for everyone, fans can expect versatility out of G*Smoke, “You’re going to get different feelings off each song. Some you can chill back with friends and listen to, and the other ones are there to help you turn up.” He continues, “There’s a song for every moment.”

G*Smoke’s every move all serves one greater purpose: to help his family. Part of a tightly knit, loving family that has suffered through many trials, G*Smoke knows his talent and versatile lyricism might just be their ticket to success. “My main motivation is to take care of my mom. She was run over while on a motorcycle on her way to work to provide for my family, and I want to be able to take care of her,” he explains. His grandfather’s recent passing lit another fire of motivation for G*Smoke, whose name is partly an homage to his grandfather who died of lung cancer. “I always feel like he’s looking over me,” says the young artist.

Whether you’re inspired by G*Smoke’s tenacity or just want a new artist to turn up to, G*Smoke’s music is a must-listen.

Fans who want to know more can visit his website,, or follow G*Smoke on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Find his music on SoundCloud.

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