Friday, February 17, 2017

St. Louis rapper launches new sound with EP ‘My World, My Way’

ST. LOUIS, MO – In the streets of St. Louis, there’s a famous barbershop called Leroy’s Barbershop. Over the years it has attracted a handful of big-name hip-hop artists, such as Nelly, Ali and Chingy.

It was the perfect place to be for young Kevin Shed, who loved hip-hop and had dreams of becoming a successful musician some day. Leroy, who happened to be his uncle, offered him a job as a young teenager sweeping hair in the shop. And it was during that time in Leroy’s that he met some of those rising artists early in their career and overheard their conversations about trying to navigate through the business world of the music industry. It was almost like taking a course in Hip-Hop 101, and now that his music career is starting to take off he looks back fondly on those years as the place where it all started.

“Every Saturday I’d be in the shop sweeping hair and I’d see them all the time and see them developing and getting better and better,” said Shed, who now goes by the stage name Dizzy. “It inspired me to put more work into my craft. It was around me and I could see the signals and I just went after it. I never knew what they were cooking up in the shop, but the next thing you know they’d come out with a hit and it just made me dream even more of having a career like that.”
On Feb. 17, Dizzy will drop an EP called “My World, My Way,” which will showcase the body of work he’s developed in the years since his time as a teenager in Leroy’s Barbershop. It’s his first “actual, real release,” he said, and it basically chronicles his journey as a musician.

“I waited to drop this for a reason,” he said. “I wanted to wait until I had the reputation and the opportunities to actually make it big. Everything around me is ready now – my world and my zone – and we’re gonna get to the next level.”

Dizzy got to this point after expanding his network from St. Louis to New York City. He spent two years in the Big Apple, meeting music industry insiders and fine-tuning his sound. He then spent some time in Los Angeles doing more of the same before returning to St. Louis for the launch of his first EP. It’s a project he’s particularly proud of because he said it’s a combination of good lyrics, quality production and high-energy songs.

“I’m combining dope production and dope lyrics,” he said. “And I’m really bringing the energy. At the end of the day everything I’m saying on this EP is to promote people to get to the next level. Everything I stand for you’re hearing in my story through this EP. Every record has something to do with my own story. You’re going to get that ambition to move forward and keep pushing. When you hear a Dizzy record, you’re going to be motivated to hit the gym or go to work or do whatever it takes to keep pushing to reach your dreams.”

To find out more about the artist Dizzy, visit, or follow him on social media @DizzyNation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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