Thursday, February 2, 2017


LONDON, UK  – While living in her home country of Iran, Golazin yearned for a future in music, but was expected to do something practical, stable. Her options? “Perhaps a dentist,” her family suggested, given her good grades and small stature. But for Golazin, Iran’s strict rules about women’s place in the arts (namely that women are prohibited by Islamic law to be solo artists) simply would not do. Since she was merely a toddler, Golazin was infatuated with music; singing everything from Pavarotti to Britney Spears, her sound has always been mature.

Leaving her beloved culture, family, and friends behind, Golazin was determined to make a life and name for herself as a singer and bring a piece of her rich and colorful culture to the rest of the world. In 2006, Golazin moved to London on a student visa (required for her stay in the country) where she began her studies for her Masters and PhD degrees in Music Psychology; it’s safe to say she is as educated about music as she is talented.

Now, the hopeful artist is committed to fusing Eastern tradition with Western modernity, and showing the world what Iranian influence has to offer. Her voice – sweet but powerful – brings a message of peace and hope. Her mission is simple: To think peaceful, act peaceful, talk peaceful. Easier said than done, in an aching world full of political turmoil and a dangerous, difficult religious and social climate. Most recently, Golazin is working on an album, Chehel Tikke (Translation: “Patch Work” in English) which promotes peace and unity. She’s also released a soulful Iranian song called “Khoda Danad” which was a collaboration with Idan Raichel a well-known Israeli singer-songwriter. Their music can be heard internationally, gracing charts and radio stations all over the world. The artist is also working on a highly anticipated project – this time, in English.

Perhaps Golazin’s tender message is just what a hurting world needs; perhaps the world needs less anger and violence, and more singing.

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