Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kharisma Beats Debuts New Sound to The City of Boston with Single “Sidekick”

North Shore, Boston – Kharisma Beats (born Kevin Ortiz) is making waves in his Massachussetts hometown by introducing new sounds, unheard of in the city until he made his debut. The artist began writing songs at a remarkably young age, while in the fifth grade, inspired by the influential sounds of Hip-Hop's top producers and artists like Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, Jay-z, and Kanye West. Soon thereafter, he began making and mastering his own beats and developing his craft. He’s produced music with artists such as Avenue, working on his songs “Made By, The South End” and “Red Velvet.”

The artist and producer recently released two EPs to iTunes, The Pit and Transcendence. The former, The Pit, was released in March of 2016 as a collaboration with a friend who happens to be a gospel musician, Oscar. His other EP, Transcendence, is an entirely instrumental track. The artist titled the EP because the word “transcendence” is derived from the Latin meaning “beyond,” and “to climb.” When listening to the tracks, that’s exactly the emotion the sound is trying to convey. An entirely instrumental project, you’ll be transported to the set of a movie with a soundtrack that takes the listener on a journey. “If you close your eyes, you’ll visualize the soundtrack to your own life,” explains Kharisma.

Kharisma Beats’ latest project is a single entitled “Sidekick,” which is a play on the phrase “Side chick,” to signify a woman who is just the opposite: she’s the girlfriend, the main chick, the BFF. The lyric, “you’re holding me down,” embodies the theme of the song – the woman is the anchor to the artist. The song will drop on the artist’s birthday, January 8th, 2017.

Kharisma isn’t concerned with musical limitations. His music is diverse and breaks boundaries, each song a representation of his own life experiences, in a relatable way that will still affect listeners in five, ten, fifteen years no matter what trends are popular in music. Kharisma Beats stands the test of time. “I try not to play by the rules.”

His advice to other artists? “Don’t follow trends. Just do you.”

Snapchat: killerkharisma

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