Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Florida artist Max Spacey is turning heads with new album ‘Pressure’

TAMPA, FL – During the day he’s known as Dr. Brandon Mack, one of the top young dentists in the Tampa, Florida area helping an aging population with general and cosmetic dentistry.

At night he’s Max Spacey, one of the hottest up-and-coming musicians to come out of Florida. His new album, “Pressure,” is a trippy, hypnotic fusion of rock, hip-hop, EDM and rap that is so engaging, fans will be hitting repeat again and again. It’s produced by Grammy award winner Cliff Brown, four-time Grammy winner Gary Noble and executive producer Monica Delgado.

“When you hear ‘Pressure,’ you’ll know what makes me different,” he said. “You’ve never heard anything like this. No matter who you are or what place you’re at in life, you can listen to this album and enjoy it. Only a few people have heard it so far, but all of the feedback has been positive and almost all of them have said they’ve never heard anything like it. I’ve been working five years on this, trying to find the perfect voice and paying attention to all the little details. I’ve studied the best-mixing engineers in the game and when you hear this project you’ll hear that high quality.”

The high quality is indeed evident – from the opening chords of the title song “Pressure,” to the haunting harmonies of the single “Heaven,” which features vocals from Delgado and some amazing guitar licks from Cliff Brown. His guitar riffs blend perfectly with the mild EDM elements of the album and create a sound reminiscent of Carlos Santana, though with a haunting quality that makes them uniquely Max Spacey – ultimately culminating in a sound that he describes as “ambient.”

Ultimately, Spacey said the album is about making the most of opportunities when they present themselves. As a child who eventually made his way out of the trailer park by way of a college education at Xavier, Spacey had to work hard for any opportunities he might get. Though he’d been playing drums since age 5 and learned a handful of other instruments over the years, it was eventually dentistry that he connected with in college and which became the career that would support him.

But when you love music as much as he does, it’s almost a necessity to switch hats from dentist to musician once the work day is over.

“I got in a bad motorcycle accident in 2012 and broke a ton of bones and at the time I had to take some time off of dental school,” he said. “That’s what I really got serious about messing with music. Toward the end of that time I went into the recording studio and put a song down that got some good response. When you’re ADD and extremely motivated with the right amount of bipolar disorder, you can pretty much accomplish whatever you want. I fell in love with making music. I realized I loved it just as much, if not more, than doing cosmetic implants and veneers. I love taking elements of rock and roll and jazz and hip-hop and electronic music and creating something that I enjoy listening to. With ‘Pressure’ I blended something I wanted to hear myself and made an album that combines a lot of digital sound with live instrumentation. It gives you a nice ambiance. It’s something I’m proud of because it expresses my artistry. I’m an artist with the dentistry, and music is the same way. In the same ways I can impact people as a dentist, I get to really impact people with my art. I get to capture those moments that everyone experiences in a different lens and a different way and make them feel good. There’s nothing better than that.”

Fans who want to find out more about Max Spacey can visit MaxSpaceyMusic.com, or check out some of his music on Soundcloud. Fans can also follow him on social media on Facebook or @maxspaceymusic on Instagram.

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