Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Emprss The Artist Debuts Two Must-Hear Singles

New York, NY – Alabama native Emprss the Artist is – in a word – eclectic. Her music career had humble southern beginnings, performing at open mics in Alabama and honing in on her craft. Not surprisingly, her talents won her the attention of professionals in the music industry and her unique style and sound turned the right heads. After moving to New York City to jumpstart her career, the young artist is ready to make a name for herself.

With influences like Lauren Hill and Missy Elliot, Emprss took note of how they were able to create powerful music without confining themselves to any particular genre or style. Eager to have a sound that is entirely her own, Emprss has done much of the same. She explains her music, “You can’t pinpoint it, it’s not rap or hip hop, or pop- it’s in its own lane.” Emprss has made a very conscious effort not to be typecast into a certain role by the commercial nature of the industry, and like her music, she is multifaceted. “I believe that we are complex individuals, and that will be embraced in every project I complete. I will not be defined by one facet of music.”

Later this January, the world will be gifted the opportunity to hear Emprss’ latest singles, “Got Nobody” and “Selfish.” An anthem for singles, “Got Nobody” is a track you and your friends can vibe to in the car or dance to in the club. It’s a testimony of lonesomeness, but in a way that makes it fun and upbeat. Emprss manages to make the business of single life fun and exciting, while sympathizing with the feeling of being alone. Her other release, “Selfish,” is – as she describes it – “raw and hot.” She explains, “After a couple drinks at the club, you’ll understand the objectivity. It’ll enhance your feeling of selfishness and hotness.”

Her eclectic sound and charming personality will draw you in, and keep you wanting more. One thing is certain: Emprss the Artist will not be placed in a box.

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