Sunday, January 8, 2017

C.R.E Releases Oh You Ain’t Herd with Family Ties Management

Asheville, NC –  Known to fans as “C.R.E,” Chris Roland has traveled the world and brings to his music a worldly perspective. A self-proclaimed Army brat, the artist began spilling out rhymes at the mere age of seven. At nine, he made his first song with his little sister. Born to a musical family, his musical roots run deep and it seems as though music was always his true destiny. “I cannot credit my decision to pursue music as a career to anyone person,” says the artist, “What I can tell you is that I had a great of support from my family and friends who saw my talent evolve and always encouraged me to use this gift and if I did, make sure that I took it seriously.”

His stage name (C.R.E) is an acronym that stands for “Creative Refined Excellence,” which is what fans can expect to get from Roland’s music. While C.R.E’s first love of rap came from the classic superstar, Biggie (which was Roland’s first beloved mixtape), he draws inspiration from a variety of genres and sounds – from funk, to classical and hip-hop. Above all else, C.R.E is an original: “ I’m not like anybody else, and I pride myself on that. I don’t want to be another rapper who tries to ride someone else’s wave.”

He brings his originality and perspective to his newest project, a mixtape entitled Oh You Ain’t Herd. The mixtape is a follow-up to his last project, which was released in August. The mixtape is up-tempo and and it’s what the artist deems a “presentation” of himself. What is most notable about Oh You Ain’t Herd is the growth in the production quality. “I had to go back to the drawing board and focus on my sound and the production, the lyrics have always been on point, the progression in the music but the production is key.”

Ultimately, C.R.E’s focus is the growth of his brand, Family Ties Management, a company he and his manager have spearheaded since its inception. “We took an idea, and we grew it. It was a seed in the ground. Me with the music, and him with the business savvy.” Unafraid of taking chances, Roland explains that taking risk is vital to success. “Don’t be afraid to take risk – put yourself in uncertain situations,” he advises. With that mindset and his quick-witted lyrics, C.R.E is quickly rising to the top.

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