Monday, January 16, 2017

Blindness Creates New Vision for Artist NovaCain

Fredricksburg, VA - For most people, going blind at the mere age of 17 would seem like a death sentence. For artist NovaCain, it meant a new life and renewed sense of purpose. When an irresponsible doctor left the up and coming Nova without his sight due to unforeseen side effects of medication, the artist found himself unable to play basketball, which had been his first passion. But, when NovaCain discovered he had a knack for music, there was a kind of rebirth and Nova realized his life’s work was to make music and a difference in the world. With no formal training, the young rapper set out to defy stereotypes and create his own brand of rap that was effective without being crass or inappropriate. “Instead of letting it beat me down, it made me feel like I was supposed to go blind so I could represent a group of people who didn’t have a voice.” Losing his vision opened his eyes, metaphorically speaking, and soon he was creating music that was inspirational and motivating to all who would listen.

Nova’s music is unlike most rap you’ll hear on the radio today; it is fun and exciting, but it doesn’t require any of the degradation, cursing, and bragging about drugs that most popular rappers feel pushed to write about. “I can do just as well, and talk about everything that Lil Wayne and Jay Z do, but without any of the disrespect. I can make a clean hip-hop song, and people can vibe to it without finding it cheesy. It doesn’t take away from the sound.”

His latest project, a single entitled “I Should Have Went to College,” was released on January 3rd, 2017 and has already garnered over 44,745 streams on Spotify. NovaCain partnered with the popular musical platform to campaign for much-deserved awareness for the talented rapper. The song, which is dedicated in part to NovaCain’s late mother who was committed to her children’s education, is a message to her even though she is not here to hear it. The song is about the developments in technology and the avenues of education that allow for success; it explains that despite not going to college, NovaCain is ultimately going to be successful because of his heart and grit and smarts – not because he went through 4 or 5 years of schooling. “People are going to college and having their dreams beaten out of them,” explains the rapper, “That’s not me, and this is what I want to do – but I’m still going to be successful. My mom raised thinkers, so I’m keeping up those morals.”

NovaCain believes in the power of music – to inspire, to change. While his goal is to be heard, his ultimate dream is bigger than himself.  “If I’m going to do this music thing, I have to help the people around me.” The artist is working on a Braille Music Blind Awareness campaign, a tour to partner with corporations and go into blind schools and encourage children. “I’ll show them my story and how I overcame it, and tell them life is still possible with a disability.”

He may be blind, but NovaCain’s music will show you the way.

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Fans can find NovaCain on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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