Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Broward County, Florida artist Arod2Turnt sends out anthem to Millennial generation with single ‘Team iPhonez’

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – As a kid who moved from city-to-city a lot, Arod2Turnt didn’t have a lot of close friends. He relied on music to get him through multiple struggles in his life. But during his junior year of high school, he met a guy who he immediately clicked with – and it happened through music. That friend would go on to become a future collaborator on multiple singles, including the new “Team iPhonez” that is creating a buzz in the Florida hip-hop scene.

“Me and Nate Bandz were going to school together, and the first day we were hanging out we made a song together,” Arod2Turnt said. “It just came together without any effort. Ever since we just clicked, and we’ve been making music together. It used to be only me and him, but now we have different crews and do our own music. But we still talk all the time and bounce ideas off each other and feature on each other’s stuff.”
Arod said Nate’s feature on “Team iPhonez” really took the song to the next level. He said it’s a song about a generation that has never known a world without mobile technology, and how many of that generation identify themselves by either iPhone or Android.

“A lot of the younger generation like iPhonez better than Androids,” Arod explained. “I’m one of those who has always liked iPhonez more than Androids. This song is about that. It’s more of a turn-up vibe. It’s a catchy song.”

Arod said it took him many years to feel like he belonged – often feeling like an outsider because of always having to move around. But one thing that never changed throughout all those moves was the music.

“I listened to it everywhere I went,” he said. “I always had it with me and it helped me through situations in my life. And I want to be able to create that for other people, too. Music is a strong too Sometimes people can relate to music more than anything else, and I want my music to bring that emotion. I want people to feel either happy or pain or whatever kind of emotion they might get from the music. Whatever point I’m trying to get across, I want them to feel it deeply.”

Another way that he hopes to inspire others is through his Grind2Shine Forever campaign. It’s a movement that he has developed to help inspire others to chase their dreams.

“However people want to shine, they have to put in the grind to get there,” Arod said. “You can pretend to shine, but you can’t pretend to grind. You have to grind and work for whatever goals and dreams you have. And when you make them happen, you’ll shine.”

Fans can check out “Team iPhonez” on Arod’s Soundcloud page, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more information about upcoming music releases or live performances.

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