Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Brazilian Hip Hop Artist Game Over Releases “So Appealing”

New York, NY – 23-year-old artist Game Over was given the inspiration to become a musician by his grandfather, who was a prominent musician in Brazil. At the young age of 14, his father set him up a recording studio as an avenue to encourage his future in music. Born in Brazil, Game Over is the only Brazilian – to his knowledge – in the American hip hop scene, but that is only one of many ways the artist is distinguished and unique. His music is reminiscent of a time where lyrics really meant something, a refreshing departure from the current hip hop climate where words can become disgruntled and repetitive. Explains Bruno, “There’s a kind of turmoil in hip hop.” He continues, “Everyone is making the same sound.”

Game Over’s biggest musical influences are diverse. Pharrel Williams; for his ability to create his own environment. Tupac; for the way he channels his anger into purposeful lyrics. Kanye; for speaking his truth, no matter the consequences. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers; because they are “so far out of the norm.”

He describes his sound as “Freedom. Being able to speak how you please,” and all of his self-written music are indicative of that same commitment to honesty. Game Over’s latest single, entitled “So Appealing” is what the artist calls “Obvious,” explaining, “It’s very dark and self centered. I wanted to hit people in the chest with this song.” And that’s exactly what it does – it’s gripping and relatable in the darkest of ways. To follow up his single, Bruno’s next album, The V Album, will release on May 5th. The number five is important to the artist, who has chosen it as the release date and the title of the album.

Game Over is an artist to watch – honest, heartfelt, and talented.

Twitter: @gameover5

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