Friday, November 11, 2016

Smooth Talker Mazee Woos Audiences with Upcoming Hit

New Jersey – For as long as Mazee (born Marcus Peake Jr.)  has been alive, music has been an inherent part of his life. Born into a musical family, the budding artist’s interest in a musical career was piqued at the encouragement of his father, who owned a recording studio. His earliest memories of music are of venturing into his father’s studio and becoming inspired by the beat. Inspired by artists like the influential rapper Jadakiss, Mazee calls his fellow rapper’s message “relatable and relevant.” Says Mazee, “His struggle – coming from the hood. People telling you that you can’t do this or that.” This is an experience Mazee knows intimately, having experienced the trials and triumphs of the rap game.

His latest single, “Till I’m Up” is making strides, with a resounding 120K streams over various music sharing networks. The song, a testimony of a hard fought plight for success, is about the persistence and dedication Mazee has committed to in his career and life. Says the rapper, “I come from nothing, so when the hard work pays off, I’m not going to stop.” He quotes from the single, “’Even when I’m up, it will not be enough.’”

The rapper is a self-proclaimed ladies man, a smooth gentleman at heart with a knack for sarcasm and a sharp, quick wit that shines through his lyrics. A family operation from its inception, Mazee owes much of his success to his father, who is at the forefront of Mazee’s record label Peake Level Entertainment. “He’s the one who taught me the ropes,” beams the rapper, grateful for his father’s influence and guidance.

The world will soon have all eyes on Mazee, which makes him one to watch out for. 

Twitter & Instagram:  @Therealmazee

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