Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New York’s Own CEO Cleezy Announces “Fly Away”

New York, NY -   CEO Cleezy is a passionate, soulful, creative rapper who knows how to reign in an audience with his hustle and heart. His career got a jumpstart when the up and coming artist made guest appearances on mixtapes with the likes of 50 Cent and G-Unit. “It was an honor,” says Cleezy, and it continues to influence his music and his career. Now, the budding star is ready to debut his newest single on a project that is all his own.
“Fly Away,” CEO Cleezy’s newest single set to release on December 4th, is an anthem of trials and tribulations – an honest account of struggle. “It’s a song  that deals with the struggles of life,” explains the artist, “You have pretend friends with their hands out (when you’re on top) and then everyone scatters when you hit rock bottom.” But, as Cleezy explains, he’s able to see above it all and “Fly Away.” “I’m street smart,” laughs the CEO.
The artist’s appeal is his one-of-a-kind unique factor. His music, a blend of soul and trap (which the artist appropriately names “soulful trap”) is quick and deep. “I’m hustling in my music,” he says, “and you gotta go deep.” Not only is his music unique, but the way it’s written and created is specific to CEO Cleezy as well. With no pen or paper, and just himself, the engineer, and the microphone, he sits in the studio and lets the words pour out with little to no preparation. This makes for raw, refreshingly honest lyrics that pierce the soul. Often, to the shock and awe of the engineer, he’ll perform 5 songs in 20 minutes, locking himself into a mindset that allows him to create openly and freely.
Be on the lookout for “Fly Away” and Cleezy’s forthcoming album, BEATRICE.

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