Saturday, November 12, 2016

Justin Hibbert [i] breaks down sonic segregation with new single ‘[i] Am Work’

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a world that’s divided in so many different ways – culturally, racially, spiritually – up-and-coming musician Justin Hibbert [i] is on a mission to unify people through music.

After decades of music being classified into so many sub-genres that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them, and years of fans attaching so strongly to those genres in passionate and fanatical ways, Hibbert is bringing an eclectic sound that breaks down that sonic segregation.

“On a deeper level – on a spiritual level – my real purpose is to try to unify people,” Hibbert said. “I want to bring people from all different walks of life together by listening to the same sound, and by doing so maybe they can realize how un-different we all are and how music divided by genres doesn’t make sense. We’re ready. It’s time for a change.’

Hibbert classifies himself as a multi-genre artist with self-produced songs that fuse hip-hop, pop, rock, reggae, soul and many more sounds. Growing up, he was drawn to rock and loved the energy and over-the-top performance of heavy metal. During high school and into college he studied percussion and is today a classically trained drummer. But it was during that time that he developed a love for hip-hop and the way all of the different music he loved could come together in new and unique ways.

“I truly believe hip-hop is the epitome of all genres of music if it’s used properly,” he said. “I’m bringing a fresh sound of fusion to hip-hop, which means my sound is really unique and is a huge fusion of all genres that not one has been able to pull off before. I consider myself one of the first true multi-genre artists.”

His new single, “[i] Am Work (feat. Mike Jones)” is a prime example of the fusion of genres he’s trying to create in his music. He calls it a mashup of rock and hip-hop with some amazing rap from Mike Jones. It’s a song that explores all aspects of work and what that means for every person.

“Whether you’re a construction worker or an office worker or someone at the gym or in sports or fitness or rapping – the song is about the true embodiment of putting in the work to get what you want,” he said. “I think people are ready for this kind of sound right now. They’re ready to break down those walls of music racism. Black people are listening to country music and white people are listening to Gucci Man. And I’m a guy who likes to have moments in the middle of one of my performances where I’ll do live drumming on my Roland SPD-SX with some solos over the top of some EDM or something. I’m giving you a fresh take on a live show and a fresh take on musical fusion.”

A new music video for “[i] Am Work” was recently released and can be seen on Justin Hibbert [i]’s VEVO channel. Fans can also check out the single on Spotify or iTunes, or check it out on Hibbert’s website at Those who want to know more about new music releases or upcoming live performances can also follow him on social media on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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