Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Platinum-recording artist Phillip Solomon Stewart releases new ‘personal’ single ‘Trap Sax’

TALLAHASSEE, FL – In Phillip Solomon Stewart’s opinion, the saxophone is the sexiest instrument ever created.

It’s a truth he said he discovered at age 10. As a young, already budding musician, Solomon was already pretty good with rhythms and sounds as he started playing the trumpet and drums. But when he discovered the sax, everything else took a back-seat to the sound he could create and the emotion he could elicit with this instrument.

“If you put a trumpet player and a sax player in front of all the ladies, they will always pick the sax,” Solomon said. “I put down everything for the sax, and I’ve made a good career out of playing. I’ve always been a guy who could play just about any instrument, but the sax has always really spoken to me.”

Solomon has become so proficient with the instrument that his career has included recording with rap artist Ludacris, and performing at two different Super Bowls – including during the halftime show in 2007 alongside Prince as a drum major with the famous FAMU Marching 100 band.

And now he’s ready to expand his musical talents with the release of this special solo project. “Trap Sax” is the first single and video released off the upcoming album. He said it’s a project that’s deeply important to him as it is a musical telling of his life, with multiple personal stories and a unique sound that is absent from the industry today.

“Most of the songs on this album are personal,” he said. “This is my fifth studio album, and most of the ones in the past were ones I was doing just because I could. This one has more meaning. I recently got out of a relationship of eight years, so when I got to the studio everything that was coming out was coming based on those emotions. Everything is filled with emotion – whether it’s a party track or a love ballad. This record is also a little different than anything I’ve ever done. It still has the element of sax – and people who know me, know me for the sax. But the sax doesn’t dominate the songs on this album. There are songs that have a pop feel to it, and the sax just kind of connects it. So this is more of an introduction of who I am with stories that everyone can connect to.”

Solomon has been making music since age 11 – just shortly after picking up the sax. Although born in Miami, he lived in Jamaica as an infant with relatives, before moving back to Miami at age 5. But the “island feel” had already seeped into his bones, and the musicality that accompanies that vibe has been part of his life ever since.

To date, Solomon has independently released two Gospel cover albums – “Stand” and “I Need You Now” – and two original albums – “Cruisin’ on the Job” and “PreGame.” He is a platinum recording saxophonist with his contribution to Ludacris’ album “Release Therapy” – specifically on the song “Woozy” featuring R. Kelly.

Fans can find out more about him on his website Fans can also follow him on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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