Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tangelica Dominae shares musical daydreams with hot new album

RALEIGH, N.C. – Tangelica Dominae is determined to see her dreams of becoming a successful hip-hop artist come true. She’s using her heritage as a half-breed Native American with ties to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina to help propel her image and project a unique presence within the world of hip-hop.Her latest album, “Super Dream Catcher,” is a nod to that heritage and a bold statement to the industry as to her unique sound and individual qualities. Ranging from traditional rap to blends of dance music and even pop, Tangelica’s new album is already starting to make waves among industry circles on the East Coast. As an artist, she’s poised to breakout in big ways over the next year.

“I’m a half-breed and I’m someone who wants to focus on my real dreams,” Tangelica said. “I want something a little bit different. With ‘Super Dream Catcher’ I wanted to point to my heritage, and I liked the imagery of what it means to catch your dreams. The idea of a dream catcher originated off of Indian folklore, and as I read more about it and researched it I found that they’re supposed to catch good dreams and bad dreams. When I catch my dreams, I can leave the not-so-good dreams hanging in the wind – those good dreams can push off the negativity elsewhere and I won’t catch those bad vibes anymore.”

Her first single off the album is “So Country Crazy” – a dance/pop track that’s full of energy and speaks to the desire to just cut loose after a long day of work. It’s a song that Tangelica said fans can listen to anywhere. It even caught the attention of Chris Brown, who sent her a Tweet after its release saying that his daughter downloaded it on her birthday and went crazy for it.

Another single from the album is “Dream Come True.” Tangelica said her North Carolina accent comes in thick on this song, creating a country twang to go with the upbeat music. The song is about meeting a country boy and falling in love for the first time.

“It was based off of my first true love,” she said. “We were country bumpkins, but we had fun living that way. It was a great relationship. And this song is about that feeling you have when you’re head over heels about a boy.”

A third single off the album that is also seeing a lot of interest from fans is “One Hundred Gs.” It’s another upbeat song that explores what it would be like to have enough money to go wherever you want and buy whatever you want and just have a good time. Tangelica said many of her lyrics start from personal experience or introspection, and grow into creative outlets for things she might want to desire. She refers to them as her musical daydreams – an appropriate name considering the title of her new album.

Tangelica will be headlining Aug. 26 at the 360 Lounge in Carlotte, N.C. – backed by Coast 2 Coast Live. Her music is also available for download on all digital media sites, including Soundcloud. Fans can follow her for more information about her music or upcoming live shows on social media at Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram @tdominae. She also has music videos available on YouTube.

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