Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hypha Releases Mixtape Diamond in the Ruff and Single “Hard" Ft. Woe

A Musical Tribute to King T’s Musical Empire, Hypha Carries on his Legacy
Fayetteville, NC– Born Dashawn McIver, North Carolina native and artist Hypha burst onto the rap scene two years ago. Inspired by his late uncle, “King T,” who was the founder of #DoItBig Entertainment.
Hypha is determined to overcome the adversity and struggle that he and his family have endured and pay tribute to his deceased relative by carrying on his musical legacy and becoming a leading name in
the music industry. Hypha’s rapping style is melodic, smooth, and reminiscent of the fusion between R&B and traditional rap.
His latest project, released June 1st, is entitled Diamond in the Ruff. Explains the artist, “It’s about situations I was going through… I was going through a lot.” Hypha took everything that was going on in the streets and with his family and incorporated it into his music. Nothing would stop Hypha, who released his hit single “HARD Ft. Woe,” a song handpicked for the artist by his late uncle and inspiration, King T.
With all of his current success, the artist is determined to stay the course, and within the next year hopes to tour the world and bring his music to ears across the country and beyond. His advice to other independent artists? “Keep going. Make a lot of sacrifices, and fight through adversity.”
One thing is certain: Hypha is an artist to keep your eye on.
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