Sunday, August 21, 2016

Get To Know Animal House Rapper Pistol Paco

James Lorenzo Duckett Jr born December 5, 1986, better known as Pistol Paco (Formerly Pistol Pete) is a rap artist from the Raleigh area of Memphis, Tn. Paco has been frequently referred to as by his peers as the "Wiz Khalifa of alcohol" and that statement reflects in his music heavily
Rapping started as something he’d do just for entertainment—spend hours freestyling on a karaoke machine with friends. After the hours spent free-styling, writing rhymes, and making beats, Paco realized that he was becoming serious about music.
After a brief stint at in college at The University of Tennessee at Martin Paco returned home to Memphis where he began to accumulate the equipment to build his own home studio. After accruing the recording supplies needed Paco began to record and release mix-tapes, including his Happy Hour Trilogy. (Happy Hour, Happy Hour 2: Beer Run, and Happy Hour 3: Last Call)
Under the rapidly growing Animal House brand, Paco has been featured on many of his label mates projects including Breadzilla’s (also known as Yoga Flames) We Goin Live Series and Trey Stax's YoungSoundTrackMack playlist and its sequel.  Paco does not have a date for his next project that will be entitled “Jack Daniels Jr” but has been frequently releasing freestyles and visuals through his social media accounts and the Animal House website

YouTube: ThePistolPaco
Snapchat:  PistolPaco
Instagram: PistolPaco
Facebook: Paco Duckett
Twitter: PistolPaco

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