Friday, August 12, 2016

Fear Money Entertainment is Giving Classic Hip Hop Culture a Revival with At All Cost

“Comeback Kid” Jamil Robbins is Using His Story of Trials and Struggle For Good

Milwaukee, WI – Jamil Robbins and his brother, co-founders of Fear Money Entertainment, have experienced more tragedy and struggle in their lifetime than most could imagine. Orphans and victims of the foster system, their only true influence was their loving grandmother, who was left to help raise twenty-eight of her grandchildren. Until her last dying breath, her life was poured out for them, giving until she had nothing left. After brushes with the law left Robbins jobless, he was desperate for a way out of the cycle of struggle, when his probation officer suggested he take his love of music and entrepreneurial spirit to the entertainment industry. The talented and innovative Robbins did just that, creating Fear Money Entertainment, and thus a new movement of music was born to bring a real message back to music.

Frustrated by the way the hip hop and rap genre had failed the youth by encouraging lifestyles that caused his own family so much hurt, Robbins has turned the tables and is creating music his kids – ages 9 and 12 – can listen to and be encouraged by. “To hell with doing music to gain royalties and notoriety. This is about our youth – we got all our kids out here,” Robbins explains. Fear Money’s latest project is a collaboration between a host of talented musicians, rappers, and producers who have come together to create At All Cost, a testimony of trials and triumph. The album is currently available via Apple Music.

Jamil Robbins has refused to let his life’s struggles be in vain, and is using his message as a way to propel the youth forward and bring back a simpler, positive message to those who will listen. Its not about what you get while you are here on Earth, it's about what you leave behind. A great woman by the name of Mary L. Hughes taught me that.

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