Friday, August 5, 2016

DJ E.L.R Releases “Long Live the King”

DJ E.L.R Brings Dayton, Ohio Talent to the Forefront of the Rap Game

Dayton, OHWhen Elliot Ridley, the son of a DJ, began DJing at the young age of 12, something stuck. Now, more than ever, DJs are a central part of the rap game. The music industry is no longer just about singers, rappers, and artists; DJing in itself is one of music’s most prestigious artforms. For DJ E.LR., music is about feeling. His job as a DJ is to find the best talent and music and release it to the masses. Ridley’s keen instincts and musical chops fuse together to find the best music and talent to come out of the Midwest.

His newest project, a single entitled “Long Live the King,” is a song in collaboration with Willie and Romunn J., two artists who DJ E.L.R calls “intricate, and very lyrical, with good word play.” The song is upbeat, with a catchy hook, making it the ideal club hit for summer. “It’s very widespread,” says E.L.R of the song, “I think everyone feels they’re royalty in some shape or form, so a lot of people can relate.” While he’s welcoming success for himself, DJ E.L.R is most interested in spreading his influence around his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The budding DJ’s ultimate goal is to build a musical platform for talented artists and producers who are not able to be heard, but have the work ethic and talent it takes to be big stars. Says the DJ, “There’s a lot of talent coming out of Dayton, but not as many opportunities as there are in major markets, like Atlanta or LA.” An outspoken and persistent entrepreneur, the DJ is eager to help talented musicians in search of success.

“Long Live the King” is now available on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and Apple Music.

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