Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Artist 7Cree Releases Single “Gotta Get It”

Chicago’s Warrior, the Artist is a Force to be Reckoned With

Chicago, IL Born and bred a Chicago man, artist 7Cree (born Chris Marshall) has been making beats and writing music since a young age. Inspired and motivated by the Music Matters program in Chicago, Marshall was taught the ins and outs of the music industry – from production, to songwriting, promotion, mastering and beyond. It was there that the performer got his first taste of the industry and decided to make it his life’s work. Since his days in the Music Matters program, 7Cree has worked with many Chicago artists and producers such as Sasha Go Hard, DBrooks Exclusive [Chicago artist, Dreezy's Producer] and Trap super producer Dave Da King. 

The artist’s musical vibe is versatile, but above all, motivational. A force for good, Marshall’s aim is to reach the youth of Chicago and encourage them to take the path less traveled – to redirect their anguish from the streets to more productive endeavors, like music. Catching young people at a young age is imperative, explains the budding artist. “They can’t fall for the easy route; I want to encourage them to do the hard thing, which is to stay out of the streets. It’s easy to be on the streets than to do the right, (difficult) thing.” Deeply entrenched in his love for his hometown, 7Cree is prepared to be a warrior for the youth in his city, to be encouragement for them. “Like a warrior goes out and provides for the village, I want to do that for my city. I want to be that for Chicago.”

7Cree’s latest single, “Gotta Get It,” which has already made its way onto Chicago airwaves on Power 92.3, is a testament to Marshall’s irrevocably positive attitude. “I want to push people to believe in themselves,” confesses the artist, “(The Single) is what I want for my future – and the song is about going out there and getting it.” The powerful anthem is a teaser for the artist’s upcoming mix tape, Best Rapper in Chicago, which will release later this year.

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