Friday, July 29, 2016

J Davon Harris to Release “Reflective” Album

J Davon Harris to Release “Reflective” Album Somethin the Lord Made

Virginia – The world has never been more in need of an artist like J Davon Harris. Everywhere you look, there are reports of racial disparity, a widening wealth gap, police brutality – on and on goes the American struggle. Here to offer a glimmer of hope and perspective amongst the challenges of a suffering world is J Davon Harris, whose refreshing lyrics tell  a story that needs to be heard. Harris’ music is influenced by classic rappers, like Nas and Jay Z, but it appeals to the younger, modern generation with its new-age sound and vibe. The performer calls his music a “modern spin on hip hop culture, without it being watered down.”

His latest project, Somethin the Lord Made, is what Harris calls a “full body of work. A story, a real story,” chronicling the life, trials and triumphs of being an independent artist. The album reflects just how far J Davon Harris has come, from his career’s humble beginnings to opening for renowned artists and taking his music across the country. Somethin the Lord Made is a testimony of staying true to hip hop culture and not wavering in order to fit in. “I consider myself the voice of the people, and my supporters love me for remaining authentic,” explains Harris, “There is a certain stigma surrounding being an independent artist, but having ultimate freedom and creative control outweighs any stigma.”

Focused and incredibly determined, J Davon Harris lives by the motto, “The grind never stops.” His advice to other musicians in the pursuit of success? “Stay ready.”

The album is currently available for preorder, and will be released on all digital platforms on August 5th.

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